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Ancient monuments left by mankind present an unsolved enigma: why do humanoid statues from many prehistoric sites— from those found at Göbekli Tepe in Turkey to those at Easter Island—all share similar postures? The signature and symbolic stances displayed on the incredible statues from locations around the world raise questions about what caused humanity to collectively repeat a ‘rebirth’ theme across great distances and time.

Ni'ihau is the smallest of Hawaii's inhabited islands, and one of the most mysterious. This is because it is called "The forbidden Island." No, there are no ghosts or dangerous volcanoes there. It is just privately owned.

Kalapana, Hawaii This picture was shot at sunrise near the village of Kalapana in Big Island (Hawai'i). The lava flow coming out from Pu'u'Oo jumps into the sea, generating new earth crust. It is a place where all the four elements gather together.