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  • Linda Grennan

    I will love you forever, like you for long as I'm living, my baby you'll be! books worth reading. Friends favorite book. For her memorial service, her son had us get several copies to hand out. He read it to the group. Love this book.

  • Candy Craig

    Love You Forever - Robert Munsch. My kids favorite book.

  • Meg Warren

    I'll Love You Forever... Favorite childhood book!

  • Natasha Wallace

    Love you forever! Best kids book ever

  • Maribeth Komons

    Love you Forever... the best childrens book

  • chelsey norton

    love you forever kyle's face baby book

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Southern fiction + Coming of age story + Racial unrest = My kinda book. If it only had a time-traveling ghost from another culture.

This will so be in my house somewhere. I still can't read this book without crying.

Cute nursery decor - "I'll love you forever, I'll like you for always" I loved this book as a kid!

Used to sing this to my girls whenever I read this book to them!

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It's nice that all my books can fit in my pc and Kindle but nothing beats the sight of them piled high on the floor and stuffed into bookshelves like in a second hand bookstore.

This is brilliant. Books make you THINK So for this nerdy after school club I'm in, you have to give a 2 minute oral speech about a topic you feel strongly about. My speech is about why books are better than movies. BAM.

{Our Current Read Aloud} I am introducing my almost 5 year old to the joys of Beverly Cleary's Henry Huggins.

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