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    • Lyle Meador

      freemasonry and do you consider freemasonry to be a cult

    • Akrab Hicham

      Private Club Membership: Freemason and others | Conspiracy Theories

    • Royal One

      Neon Taylor - Assassin's Creed :::: Prod. by GWOP SULLIVAN by Neon Taylor

    • Ashley Vanderburgh

      _______________________________________George Washington, First U.S. President, 1789-1797George Washington served as the first President of the United States of America. He was inaugurated on April 30, 1789 and served two terms as President. Born in 1732, Washington was initiated on November 4, 1752, passed on March 3, 1753, and raised a Master Mason on August 4, 1753 in Fredericksburg Lodge, Virginia. He would serve as the Commander in Chief of the Continental Armies during

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    Freemasonry: George Washington #Masonic National Memorial, Alexandria, Virginia, USA.

    George Washington Masonic Memorial We visited in August 2012, This is a view from the top floor ... beautiful!!!

    George Washington Masonic Memorial, Alexandria, Virginia.USA

    Secret Societies recruit very innocently and claim only having a desire to do good for their fellow human beings.Through a slow process of indoctrination and brain washing, these once innocent recruits become ardent supporters of their cause, and if continued long enough and far enough they become sworn to serve the evil one and his purposes. In freemasonry only the highest rank of 33 degree level is given this understanding. However, some in lower ranks have understanding who they really serve.

    George Washington - Master Mason

    George Washington Masonic Memoral in Washington DC

    George Washington Masonic National Memorial, Alexandria, VA - This was for Jesse, but Kylie and I enjoyed it as well.