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Corundum var. Ruby in Zoisite Locality: Longido, Arusha, Tanzania Description: Superb hexagonal ruby crystal, the red-pink gem variety of the mineral species corundum, in green zoisite matrix. The ruby crystal has exceptionally rich color and runs completely through the matrix. From the Online Mineral Museum

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20mm 15.59ct Complex Shiny Ruby Violet RED BERYL 5 Crystals Part Gem UT

20mm 15.59ct Complex Shiny Ruby Violet RED BERYL 5 Crystals Part Gem UT for sale

Corundum (Ruby) - The ruby is quite certainly a wonderful gemstone for bringing fire into your life. If you like to live your life intensely, but often find it difficult to keep focus, a ruby can help bring clarity and wisdom to your world. Instead of flitting from idea to idea, this gemstone will very well help you choose your most productive paths. With it's power, this gem will then fire your passions and keep you motivated.

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Rare fine "star of david" spinel crystal

Spinel crystal It is a precious gem of transparent red, darkish and yellowish red. Red color of spinel is so close to ruby that quite a few spinels were wrongly mistaken as rubies in the past. Ruby popularly known as ‘Black Prince’ among the jewels of the British Brown is not actually a ruby but it is a red spinel. Spinel is good for financial gains and protects the wearer against unforeseen losses.

Spinel: Often confused with the ruby, Spinel is very rare and one of the most precious gemstones. It has a calming effect on all kinds of inflammations. Torn muscles heal quickly with spinel. It speeds the recovery of all diseases associated with movement, including problems with muscles, joints, and bones. red Spinel is very effective for Scorpio. Dark blue Spinel is linked to Sagittarius. Spinel is a stone of calm, loyalty and meditation. Helps with anxiety and stress.

6.70-Carat Deep Pigeon Blood Red Burmese Star Ruby. There has been a ban in the U.S. since 2008 on the sale of rubies from Myanmar (formerly Burma) because the government uses slave labor to mine.

Peridot. Precious gem variety of olivine. One of the few gems that occurs in only one color. A celestial, astronomical mineral found in meteorites. At one time, it was more valuable than diamonds.