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    i do this

    Best thing ever!!!

    Anxiety girl! Sadly this is me in a lot of situations lol

    now that is the truth

    so so true

    Well...most of the time...

    happens to me all the time!

    Im going to carry this one me 24/7. It's either that or I start swinging! #seriously #howaboutyouthrowawayyourowndamntrash #justdone

    When In Doubt Mumble from 55 Hi's.

    Thanks for taking my advice after someone else gave it to you.

    Every time

    so true

    "I'm too Old to 'drop it like its hot', so I'm just gonna 'sit down like its warm'. Ha! I'm only laughing this hard cause it's true! ; (



    Ha! True!


    So very true...all at the same time!

    So me.

    I say this all the time!!!