God gave me MY loving husband and wonderful family for which WE are grateful for everyday!! Love you Rick! <3

cheese to my macaroni

I like!...for my kids

Thank God for our armed forces


Family Rules Sign Kids Rules Typography Word Art by ToeFishArt, $85.00

See this is what bothers me about all self-help, recovery, New Age crap: When the bud was a bud, it wasn't struggling to be a flower. Nin's view here is a human looking-back view that explains old pain and struggle, while still not embracing responsibility. BE the bud and then BE the flower, but remember: Flower not better than bud.

Super cute

subway bible verses

Would love this in my master bedroom!



Sister Plaque The only thing better than having by Frameyourstory, $24.95

love it

I love you blue as the sky, far as the moon, hot as the sun, big as a kite... Deep as the ocean, tall as a tree.

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