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10 mile run; The more I run the more I love my body. Not because it's perfect, far from it, but because with every mile it is proving to me that I am capable of more than I ever thought possible.

Did you make all of the right decisions this weekend?? Maybe not, but that's OKAY! We are all human and we aren't perfect! I did my best with food choices but had a few cocktails. But it's OKAY! Today is a NEW DAY, a FRESH START, and I'm ready to make better choices this week! . You can either let past bad choices completely derail you, or you can use them as a learning experience and move forward! You are the only person that can make that decision. Make a change and take it one day at a…

Motivational Fitness Quotes - Ok. So you had a bad day. Don't beat yourself up over it, but don't let one bad decision send you spiraling out of control. Grab those running shoes and get back into it. Get back to making decisions that improve your health

Ok, this is one of those quotes that actually might get me to the gym.

It’s easier to wake up early in the morning and work out, than it is to look in the mirror each day and not like what you see.

Run. Do yoga. Dance. Walk. Bike. Skip. Jump. Sprint. Swim. Ski. Kickbox. Jog. GET ACTIVE #GPG #womensfitness #motivation

If you're just starting your journey to health and fitness, the first thing to do is just move! The rest will fall into place because you will learn what works for your body. Everyone is different and there are no quick fixes!

Words to push you through everyday, from one mother to another :)

Imagine yourself, a year from now with the body you've always wanted. All your hard work finally paid off. Exercise, eat healthy and stay positive. You will get there.

"I'll do it when it's warmer." "I'll do it when it's colder." "I should be enjoying this warm weather, not toiling in it." Well geez lady- when are you gonna go out and do it?


Just Run. The competition isn't other runners, it's the voice inside your head telling you to quit!


Go ahead, tell me that I am not good enough, Tell me I can't do it - because I will show you, Over and over again THAT I CAN. The best collection of quotes and sayings for every situation in life.