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  • Kate McNamara

    these cups are all filled with water. best senior prank ever.

  • Christine Hendricks

    April Fools Day Prank To Play On Your Friends - love this idea but it would take a lot of work so get some help. Fill the cups with water so that clean up is not easy and they can't just knock them out of the way to get past. Colored water in a design or pattern would add extra pizzazz.

  • Landess C

    senior prank. each cup is filled with that's funny stuff.

  • Kaitlyn Rutherford

    One pinner said:I see your cup pranks and raise you my high school prank.

  • Lauren Lomeli

    senior prank. each cup is filled with water. Bucket List for high school.

  • Malia Grum

    Senior prank! Each cup is filled with water. G E N I U S. So doing this my senior year.

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Fill the hallway with cups of water. Senior prank idea! (:

Or use a different phone number. Maybe the neighbor who celebrates with fireworks all year long. ;)

that would be so funny....I think I'll do this to my in-laws. And hopefully my kids one day....

If I were motivated enough, I think this would be fun to do in my classroom on April Fools day.........well maybe not the hallway, but maybe the dorm room:)

ATTENTION LOVED ONES: Please purchase this for me. My life is currently incomplete without it! Laura Thomas

oooh and he has my maiden name… it's FATE!!!! I'm sure we're related! :D

"What year is it?" Paper towel display time traveller... Except you would have to wear clothes that didn't match the season, and come up with a saying (instead of "holy crap") that NOBODY ever used before, and pretend that people of the future say it all the time. [Troll Walmart Project]

I am not a Harry Potter fan, but I know the basic storylines and even I can appreciate this. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Prankskaban…

I like big cups and I can not lie You coffee drinkers can't deny When a triple breve overflows With steam all in your face You get AWAKE! Wanna drink you all up Cuz you notice that your cup is stuffed Full of caffeine goodness I'm hooked and I can't stop staring Oh, baby I wanna drink ya And sip you slowly My barista tried to warn me But that cup you got Make me so happy...'

right now there's a hole in the floor and we can see the class below us so we tied a cheeto to a piece of yarn and we're trying to communicate with this girl but so far she hasn't noticed

Senior Prank. If we could pull it off it'd be cool. :)