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15 foods you can regrow ❥➥❥ from scraps (isn’t nature ABSOLUTELY magnificent?) Various plants (in no particular order) that you can regrow from the food that you already have . way to reuse and recycle. Do YOU regrow any of your food?

DIY Cómo hacer crecer un árbol de limón de semillas en una olla

Do you want to grow your own lemon tree at home? It’s feasible to do that because seeds from the citrus fruits you eat, such as lemon, orange and grapefruit, c

How to Grow Garlic!

5 foods you can grow from leftovers: celery, ginger root, garlic, sweet potatoes & green onions Hmmm. I wonder if ginger root would grow this far north? Love the stuff.

GREEN ONIONS... replant the ends of green onions & grow new ones. Ready to eat in about a month. From frugal homesteads blog

Green onions, replant root ends & grow new ones. You can also plant the root end of organic regular onions into the ground, keep moist until rooted and you'll have your own onions growing!

We are talking about regrowing food from kitchen scraps. It sounds to good to be true, but you can easily upcycle everything from lemongrass, onion buts to celery scraps with a great chance of success. So don’t throw away those scraps but learn how to regrow them. #Kitchen_Scraps #Gardening

Top 10 Foods You Can Regrow From Kitchen Scraps

Re-grow Romaine Lettuce Hearts - just cut, place in water, and watch them grow back in days. I have 3 romaine lettuce hearts in the fridge!

Grow Your Own Pineapple Plant

Going to try this again, last one just went soft and wouldnt root. ~Grow Your Own Pineapple Plant - ok, I can't lie. I thought pineapples grew on trees. My mind is blown & I want to grow a pineapple plant.

De beste planten voor in de slaapkamer, omdat ze slaap bevorderend werken.

De beste planten voor in de slaapkamer, omdat ze slaap bevorderend werken. Source by ofarims I do not take credit for the images in this post.

How to grow celery from celery.... I don't love it. But it seems cool to watch. Kids would like watchin too

How to grow celery from celery

Alternative Gardning: How to grow celery from celery-fun for the kids to watch

More veggies in less space! Get 12 great looking and productive vertical gardening ideas.

The Dirty Dozen: 12 Vertical Gardening Ideas for DIY Gardeners

Grown Your Own Lemon Plant Having a lovely potted plant at your work desk is a proven stress reliever. More of a reason to plant one! After you eat your grapefruit, keep the seeds and clean them Put the seeds into a container (eg. a cup) with soil Cover them with scree and make sure you water it and keep it moist! Can't wait for the seeds to germinate!

Planting Lemon Seeds: Lemon leaves smell so good. Awesome for kitchen, bathroom, or any place in the house.