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metal musical instrument wall art

metal musical instrument wall art / China Metal Crafts for sale from Fuzhou Home Broad Arts & Crafts Co.

Tayàw Date: late 19th century Geography: Myanmar (formerly Burma)

Tayàw Date: late century Geography: Myanmar (formerly Burma) Dimensions: L., Bow 18 in.

Thank Music Teacher

I do thank my piano teacher immensely for teaching me to read music. I wish longingly to take up lessons again when I have the time to practice!

make musical instruments

Here is my first Tot Tool - homemade musical instruments. I will share what I did, but for more detailed instructions see DK's 101 .

Kids need musical instruments when they are younger I believe.  I am saddened that my students won't usually have this as an option.  If I had my choice I would find an activity for every student that wasn't a video game and pay out of pocket.  You can always make a tambourine in the meantime.

How to Make Musical Instruments for Kids

Pie Pan Tambourine Craft - The pie pan tambourine craft makes a rhythmic instrument kids will love. Learn to make this pie pan tambourine craft and other musical instruments.

Engraving musical instruments

lines engraving ink print (flute engravings) Gallery and Show & Tell - Hand Engraving Forum

Contrabass Flute, I've been a flautist a long time and never seen one of these before but it looks pretty badass!

Kotato contrabass flute, anyone? A pretty bonkers, but great-sounding instrument that extends two octaves below middle C, or the lowest C of the cello. Pictured is Maria Ramey trying to maintain consciousness as she gives it some hefty wind.