Tree silhouette absolutely stunning

Black and White Tree

Le Corridor de Mon Pére, by Bart Deburgh. The lighting and mist evoke a mysterious and calming atmosphere. This aligns with the curious alignment of trees to result in a peaceful photo. Even the colors are muted to a neutrality that nearly goes unnoticed. However, had it been black and white, the stronger contrast would have introduced an element of duality, contrary to its current serenity.

Absolutely beautiful black and white photo of tree and moon reflection.

<3 black & white

Double exposure

fabulous photo

Majestic tree. #different #tree #nature #power #zen #energy #achieve #more #eyewear #passion #forest

Black and White Photography Print ""Little Tree""

Winter tree

The vibrant colour of the flowers is really nice against the paleness of the sky and the background. I love the way the tree looks old and bent but still beautiful.

lovely solitude...I love photos of sunrises and sunsets...this one is exceptionally gorgeous

tree black & white

This photo is beyond peaceful. It is quiet, and serene. Love, love, love this. de

Tree Skeleton Reflection

Black and White.

Black and White My favorite photo

I really love how the forest silhouette was able to make the girl in the picture stand out so much! It shows a beautiful contrast to make it a really admiring picture to look at. Though it's monochromatic, the message it was able to show really makes your mind 'colorful' to the ideas that you think of.

Beautiful black and white photo!