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    Where The Bees Are

    Whenever it is time to snap some images of the various pollinators around the Fairegarden, the camera looks to what is blooming at the moment. Right now, there is not a whole lot in bloom, so the s...

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    Ants and Bees, Illustrations by C. & A. Koehler, 1962- Bees

    propolispropolis.net: Lima alasan mengapa Propolis dapat menjadi obat, yaitu Lebih dari 180 phytochemicals ada di dalam Propolis antara lain bioflavonids, berbagai turunan asam orbanic, phytosterols, terpenoids dlsb. Zat-zat ini terbukti memiliki berbagai sifat anti-inflamatory,antimicrobial, antihistimanine, antimutagenic dan antiallergenic.

    With a purple sea of freshly-blooming crocus, a lone bee hovers above his early spring choices in Walla Walla, Wash., March 7, 2012. Warmer than average temperatures brought both the beauty of flowers and the beast of bugs out in full force. (Jeff Horner/Walla Walla Union-Bulletin)

    scientificillustration: n508_w1150 by BioDivLibrary on Flickr. Field book of insects, New York,G.P. Putnam’s sons,1918. biodiversitylibrary.org/item/17499 and: Vineet Kaur, tumblr

    This just screams Spring. What would you title it? By Ion Moe

    A decline in bees and global warming are having a damaging effect on the pollination of plants, new research claims.

    Bee skep in bole by hockadilly (A bee bole is a cavity or alcove in a wall, commonly used for bee-keeping in Britain prior to the mid-19th century.)

    JSM Environmental Science & Ecology is a comprehensive Open Access peer reviewed Journal that covers colossal varieties of articles that integrate multidisciplinary fields such as physical and biological sciences.