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HCG Diet: Ratatouille Casserole | HCG Recipes

Zucchini Bake

This page contains a whole bunch of zucchini casserole recipes. Zucchini is a versatile summer vegetable that is used as a main ingredient in many casserole recipes.

hCG Diet Recipes - hCG Diet Citrus Fish

HCG Diet Citrus Fish 100 grams white fish 1 T. minced onion 2 T. lemon juice Lemon and orange zest to taste Lemon and orange slices Chopped parsley Salt and pepper to taste Stevia to taste

Shepherds Pie  Phase 2

Shepherds Pie ~ HCG Phase 2 cups of Cauliflower a few whole garlic cloves Ground beef Red Bell Pepper Zucchin.

Texas Chicken Cabbage, spicy and delicious! Phase 2 approved!

HCG Diet Texas Chicken Cabbage, spicy and delicious! This is just fantastic.

The best HCG Approved Steak Marinade. So glad we found this recipe.

2 Rib eyes, 7 hrs in crockpot on low, with a version of this concoction as the liquid and seasonings: HCG Approved Steak Marinade : Bold Marinade