■ infn ■ → la settimana John Alcorn (2) acollectiveahoy: An excellent illustrated Pepsi ad by John Alcorn, 1969. Not to get all nostalgic for the sake of nostalgia, but compare this to the sterile, type-based campaign they’ve been running and you’ll only be disappointed. a proposito di LIBRI!, di Alcorn / Murray / Topipittori

John Alcorn


John Alcorn Uncola Land (c1970) by MewDeep, via Flickr

Roy Lichtenstein ~ Smoking Gun

Vintage ad, 1950s



This is from the Don Ken Gallery. John Kenn is a fellow dreamer who creates worlds on post its. Gotta love that.

Pepsi-Cola :)


Pepsi ad. 1958.

vintage ads -(models do this)

Andy Warhol -Velvet Underground featuring Nico cover 1977

stretched shaped bottles

Pepsi Cola - Luppi creature iron-on - HanginPink - Early 70s

By Love ( Vintage Retro Advertisement / Psychedelic Art / Graphic Design / 60s ) A touch of art Nouveau, strong form and balanced shapes. Compelling pops of color which complement one another. Great use of creative text.

Helloooo Weekend. Hell and High Water Clothing. Inspiration. Pabst. Rock n Roll Style. A little bit country, a little bit rock 'n' roll.