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■ infn ■ → la settimana John Alcorn (2) acollectiveahoy: An excellent illustrated Pepsi ad by John Alcorn, 1969. Not to get all nostalgic for the sake of nostalgia, but compare this to the sterile, type-based campaign they’ve been running and you’ll only be disappointed. a proposito di LIBRI!, di Alcorn / Murray / Topipittori

I think of this piece of graphic art is very colorful and very animated looking. The color scheme gives it an unnatural feel as well as the dirt the direction of the dripping from the eye it's the parts that are left as original contrast nicely with the animated looking colors and direction

Jill Pritchett, Professional Watercolorist & Author. "Memories of Granny's Hands". ☀CQ, I absolutely love this!!

mirrorfrom mirror

Sweet dreams are made of this: York tourist attraction to illustrate our love affair with chocolate

An advert for Smarties

By Love ( Vintage Retro Advertisement / Psychedelic Art / Graphic Design / 60s #Graphic Design|