Roller Skating Rinks.

Roller skating rink Oh the fun we had!

Actually rolling the window down

Silly Putty and funny papers on Sunday morning?!

80's Child / omg!

Yup I wore these!

Ha ha, remember these from the 80s!

super balls! got em out of the machine at the skating rink!

Remember these? Skate keys!

80s toys | 80s toys photo: 80s toys atari.jpg

Pink foam hair rollers- every night

Stuiterballen / bouncing balls #childhood #memories....These things/balls use to fly high !!! Boy, did they bounce or what!!!

Remember these??

Fun Dip

Adjustable Metal Roller Skates

Roller Skating

I LOVED playing this game!

So much fun

Before there were seat belts.

Artistic masterpieces began with this. But first you had to actually use it. #90s #childhood #memories