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Channing Tatum

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  • Alex Riley

    Channing Tatum aka My Future Husband

  • Brittany Smith

    how are people this beautiful

  • JMia Barrow

    Channing Tatum you are just amazingly beautiful <3

  • Katherine Graham

    Oh Channing Tatum... If things don't work out with your current wife (even though she is like the prettiest girl I've ever seen) you can be my groom!

  • Chelsea Bevans

    Channing Tatum! bad actor, hot guy!

  • Lindsay Langstaff

    Oh my channing tatum!! sexy men; hot men; male model; eye candy for women; photography; smile; hat; muscles; tattoo;

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This is a face I don't think any girl gets tired of looking at. I know I never do ♥ You can never have too much Tatum.

Channing Tatum (The Vow; Fighting; Magic Mike; Dear John; 21 Jump Street; Step Up; G.I.Joe Retaliation; Haywire; Son of No One; War of the Worlds; The Eagle; Public Enemies; Havoc)

Channing Tatum looks sexy even when he's scruffy;D

Channing Tatum. Ok so this instantly made me think of fifty shades and when she always talks about the way his sweat pants hang off his hips😍

Channing Tatum Josephine Kimberling Kimberling Kimberling Yi you're welcome

"Jump on it, let's do it, ride it, my pony..." I will never look at him the same after that scene. Ever.

Channing Tatum. From the first time I saw him in "She's the Man" I knew he would be the next big thing!

There's nothing wrong with a lil vanilla every now and then! Channing Tatum is too fine. Check out some of his finest pics here: