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1924 haircuts "if you must do it show this to your barber"

Erika Tiemann (Born-Dec 30th, 1924 in Essen, Germany). Bund Deutscher Mädel

woman in Berlin by Herbert Hoffman, c1924 BY HERBERT HOFFMAN C.1924

1924 Norman Hartnell evening dress ~ Again, what I wouldn't give to spend a minute in this outfit! NMB ~

THE AMERICANS: STREET PHOTOGRAPHY PROJECT, Shoemaker Inside the Glass Window in Harvard Square by Bimal Nepal

Germany. Berlin Wall, August 13, 1961 | waving to relatives on the other side SO SAD

20 years ago, the world changed. Brandenburg Gate, where East met West, 1989. I'll never forget the emotions I felt when meeting East Germans with tears streaming down their cheeks as they crossed into West Berlin, many to see relatives they hadn't seen in 30 years or more.

East Berliners going to West Berlin, the saturday after the Berlin Wall fell in 1989

Portrait of a young couple - Germany - 1903