The perfect garden for blue lovers--Blue Butterfly Sun Garden

50 Blue Plants for the Landscape Garden I'm always looking for blue on patriotic days...


Flowerbed Combination Ideas. This link gives tons of plant combos for sun vs. shade. Flower beds, containers, etc.

Lupine 'Beefeater' and Alliums

growing flower idea for your garden

Good to know: Orange slices in a dish attracts butterflies in droves.


Blue explosion...super cool

Campanula - White and Purple - easy to grow and it self seeds. Plant in front of your garden borders. Plant care is on this post - American Meadows

Just look at this gorgeous garden!

Blue. Blue. Blue. Blue....

Moss Verbena may end up being your favorite groundcover. It grows between 6 to 12 inches tall, but has a spreading capability of up to 5 feet. It's easy to grow, is drought and heat tolerant, attracts butterflies and comes in blue, purple and white flowers.


perfect! The Top Trees for Small Gardens!

Pink & Perfect! ♥ ♥

Azure Allium ~ plant bulbs in fall

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Alliums or ornamental onions are late spring blooming and add excellent interest in the garden, different varieties are available, white, pink, purple and blue and varying heights. Would look great coming out of the grasses in front.