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I want this and everything else Harry Potter on Etsy!

House Catchphrases. Hufflepuff, true enough!

behold people - this is hufflepuffs true nature (ahem - [honey]badger don' care!)

Hufflepuff bag -inspiration to make my own (cause I don't want to spend $100 for one)

Hufflepuff Common room. We learn that this isn't accurate (But I'm not telling you where it is or what it looks like unless you're in Hufflepuff too!). But, I would totally, TOTALLY sleep in those beds. Set into the wall looks COZY.

House Hufflepuff Poster by ~LiquidSoulDesign on deviantART

Hahahahaha.... I'm a "Hug me. It's now or never" type of person... I like to live on the edge. Lol.