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I want this and everything else Harry Potter on Etsy!

House Catchphrases. Hufflepuff, true enough!

Hufflepuff bag -inspiration to make my own (cause I don't want to spend $100 for one)

behold people - this is hufflepuffs true nature (ahem - [honey]badger don' care!)

at first I was disappointed when I was sorted on pottermore, but now I've embraced my inner honey badger. after reading the description and knowing jk herself is one how can I not be proud.

Hahahahaha.... I'm a "Hug me. It's now or never" type of person... I like to live on the edge. Lol.

I never know if I'm a Gryffindor or Ravenclaw

Hufflepuff Common room. We learn that this isn't accurate (But I'm not telling you where it is or what it looks like unless you're in Hufflepuff too!). But, I would totally, TOTALLY sleep in those beds. Set into the wall looks COZY.

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House Hufflepuff Poster by ~LiquidSoulDesign on deviantART

What Hogwarts House Would You Be Sorted Into?-Hufflepuff Hufflepuffs are known to be hard-working and patient, and so possess a fighting spirit. You understand the importance of dedication and toil, and so are trustworthy and dependable. You are good at maintaining long lasting friendships, because you are kind and fair. Others come to you for advice and comfort. Although you are often selfless, make sure you have time to yourself to relax!

I was sorted into Hufflepuff on Pottermore! J.K.Rowling is a Hufflepuff! i don't mind being a Hufflepuff, it is unique! also not minding being sorted in to Hufflepuff is a good indcator that you truly a Hufflepuff. Oh, and Cedric was Hufflepuff!

  • Kati Tigner

    Jkr said hufflepuff was her fave house and Cedric wasn't the only cool person in that house tonks was a hufflepuff

  • Fuuk Youu

    Tonks wasn't "cool"

  • Kati Tigner

    Fine tonks is lame but if hard work kindness and tolerance is lame than I don't want to be cool

  • Fuuk Youu

    I wouldn't say she was lame, but defiantly weird. And in the time period that the books took place in, weird was not cool.

  • Kati Tigner

    true sorry but i thought you were insulting one of my favorite characters but i guess you are right people didn't seem to appreciate weird people in the harry potter world

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