wisdom :)

Southern Girls


Exactly....stay classy ladies!!

honey, I got heels higher than your standards

Keep your head up. I love this.


Strong women wear their pain like they do stilettos. No matter how much it hurts, all you see is the beauty of it.

Originality always wins. Pinned by Liz Robinson. Created by Rachel Jose.

Boy, does this apply to me today!

I bleed glitter

No regrets.

elizabeth taylor #quote {pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick, and pull yourself together} I love Liz Taylor.


I Don't Live There Anymore.


some words to live by

i'm repinning this simply to state my opinion on what's wrong with these statements. No woman should strive to look like a girl: unless this is how she wants to be treated. No woman should strive to think like a man: all women are just as intellectually capable as any man. To aim to "think like a man" only limits the goals of women. So, look like your self, act like your self, think like your self, and i guarantee you'll end up working like a boss.

every man needs a woman...

Life is better in flip flops