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  • Ann David

    (I bet this would also work for winter rabbit pens.) Wire spool bird housing project, an absolutely fantastic concept! With all the raccoons around here I'd definitely use 1/2"x1" welded wire instead of poultry wire, but what a fabulous idea! I just love how these pigeons are living right inside the spools...

  • Beth Moore

    Backyard chicken coop from cable spools!

  • J.Circassian

    This is from a site called Backyard good idea for recycling those used wooden wire spools. Bunnies too! Yet more sanitation work for urine & bird poop! Especially, urban farming a consideration

  • Nancy Fulford

    spool coop. Now thats good recycling! - Gardening For You

  • Tanya Bailey Burks

    This is a great idea for a chicken house! What an amazing idea for recycling those used wooden spools

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