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DON'T IGNORE. PLEASE SHARE I would Like to create a Prayer circle for little Zack and his family , look at the pain in his mothers eyes , it breaks my heart . Please Higher power , universe , God, bless this child with you healing hand , make his days grow stronger so that he may recover and his pain can end. Please send him healing Angels and Arch Angels to help him Fight for his life and so that he can live a long healthy life surrounded by those who love him. AMEN.


Let's kick childhood cancer's butt! <3 This shirt donates to support kids who are battling childhood cancer and their families. Show your support for little warriors during the fight of their lives!


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In loving memory of my brother and my mom who both lost their lives to Acute Myeloid Leukemia and in hope for my two nieces who both survived this deadly cancer. May our family be spared from further tragedy. Let's hope for a cure.

Beautiful Gold Childhood Cancer Awareness Pendant Necklace With Yellow Crystals That Are Embedded. Description: Crystal Colors: Gold/Yellow Metal: Gold Plated R

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