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“Phineas T. Kettletree, Esquire, at your service.” - Bobble, Clank & Tink





Pixie Hollow - Tink

Tink by Victoria Ying

Silly Tink!

Winter Vidia (and Tink!)

Tink & Vidia

Tink on a book page Artwork by Karen Hallion

Catching Fire

Scenes like this one make me wonder how anyone could NOT like The Princess Bride.

All the time

The Fault in Our Stars #TFIOS Hazel Grace and Augustus Waters

Catching fire <3

one of the best concepts for a movie, so far! really makes you think and analyze, which is a good thing. XD

TFIOS official movie poster. Cannot wait!

"Have fun storming the castle!" (The Princess Bride) My dad says this to me every time is leave the house :)

The Princess Diaries, I litterally quote this on a daily basis

30 Day Percy Jackson Challenge- Day #2 Favorite Demigod- Nico di Angelo. Nico is my favorite because he's gone through so much yet he can still help his friends when they need it.