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Omg. I just died laughing. It's so true!!!

So true hahaha

What really happened to unicorns…

so funny

There's a cookie on my wookie!

True story. So sad

I laughed soooooo hard!

While I wish to burn every one of those books in existence... this is a hilarious costume.



I Agree :)

Barbie and Ken Wedding Album

That faculty meeting was a productive use of our time said no teacher ever.

My general feelings on makeup. :)

this guy got a text from a stranger and decided to play along with it! must read! I almost died.

Cat hanger…

If it takes more than 5 minutes for me to cook for myself I reconsider how hungry I am.

pretty much.


Meme People vs. Their Normal Selves.

Better than pepper spray


This is so me!

The Notebook - as a thriller. I just died. So hilarious. the enddddddd