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  • Stephanie Holm

    Bonne Bell Bottled Emotions perfume | #90s

  • Madison Calderon

    Nostalgia Post! The Contents of Your 6th Grade Makeup Drawer | Lovelyish

  • Heidi Pumpkin Pie

    in middle school all I would wear: bonne bell bottled emotion: Hyper. Why did they stop making these? If they still made them, would my grown up self think they smelled horrible?

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After gym class, the locker room would absolutely reek of this as every single girl drenched themselves with it to "freshen up." The worst days were when you had the dueling stenches of Electric Youth and Exclamation! floating in the air. We smelled totally rad!

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Life Goes On- Loved this came on on Sundays! Best line of the show was when Corky got married. He says "Turn off the lights" She "Why?" Corky-"Romance!" Can't believe I remember that.

I had this. I can imagine exactly what it sounds like. Must have wound that thing hundreds of times.