Another unique Taka creation is the Driftwood Egg Treehouse, which he created for a Nescafe commercial on the northern Japanese island of Hokkaido. The small perch was constructed from driftwood sourced from the region.

Doesn't get too much cooler than this: Hidden Egg Tree house, Vancouver Island.

Treehouse, Hyeres, France photo by ethanhayeschute

Looking to create tree-house pods like this one!

Wall Mount Decals - Super Real Birch Trees

The Driftwood Egg Treehouse - built by famous treehouse designer Takashi Kobayash of driftwood gathered from a nearby beach for a Nescafe television commercial, this lovely structure is nestled on Japan's northernmost island of Hokkaido.

treehouse - Google zoeken

Baumhaus "Louisa"

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A charming egg-shaped treehouse, 'HemLoft,' designed & built by Joel Allen In British Columbia. via dreamondzine

Treehouse at Pilchuck Glass School near Stanwood, WA

Vegan Royal Icing!! Whaaaat amazing.

This looks like The Burrow! Any Weasley's around???? Cover of the book 'Treehouses of the World' by Peter Nelson


The more time I spend on Pinterest, the more my master carpenter father is going to begin to hate me. PROJECTS!

Little nest house in a remote lake in the Altai Republic, Russia


It is designed and manufactured by Joel Allen, a Canada software engineer

Now this is a tree house

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