~ Steampunk Camera ~

Photography is an art in itself, but when it blends with science, fiction and fantasy in the form of Steampunk art, it gives a whole new dimension to the camera work. Steampunk has already been acknowledged by geeks and gamers, but fusing the retro Victor

Džepna kamera za spijunažu

A Victorian Era Pocket Watch Spy Camera

First Spy watch? - The Lancaster Watch Camera was patented in October 1886 and made until Such tiny cameras were the forerunners for the ‘spy’ camera – a mechanism disguised as a different object.

Mulled brandy and cigar holder - like a steampunking boss. Swap out the brandy for cider and forget the cigar. A great centerpiece for a steampunking party.

Valery Alexandrovitch #SteamPUNK - ☮k☮ #camera

Picture of Photo camera on a white background Style Steampunk stock photo, images and stock photography.

Iron Man steampunk style!

Steampunk Iron Man, the Marvel Costume Contest Winner at New York Comic Con 2010 - looking at a small pic of this, I didn't immediately realize it wasn't a still from the film. Had to show my husband - the comic geek in this house.

Steampunk Photoshop Icon MkIV

Steampunk camera - wonder if the metal dish refelctor could be achieved with a small lightweight plate and hot glue. Could work as a reflector for a lamp too?


I always want to take pictures but be in costume. I love this way of incorporating the camera into the costume.