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voKIDulary ($0.99) allows your to track your child's vocabulary on your phone. You can enter your words along with a date and note. There is also a chart to show the progress in your child's vocabulary over time.

Find It - Match It for Kids HD ($0.00) Two nice and fun games to sharpen and amuse your mind. "Find it" is a game that will develop the visual skills and sense of observation of your child. "Match it"- this game will develop the memory skills of your child.

Turn To Read 1: Interactive Learning ($0.00) Help your Child Learn to Read with Turn to Read: The app that lets your child see, hear, touch, and learn words of all kinds. Turn to Read shows and says each word then lets your child turn the item around, making reading as natural as talking or seeing. 12 High Definition Interactive Images and Words. - The 360 degree turn around images let your child touch and explore Fully Voiced

Color Dots ($0.99) Color Dots is a colorful visual tracking game that will hold a child’s attention. A Simple, clean and musical interface puts fun first.

Baby Dazzler ($0.99) The baby dazzler is a very simple app that is designed to help small children learn cause and effect. Wherever your child touches, he/she gets a very rewarding visual and audio reaction. The app also acts as a rattle if your child decides he/she wants to shake the phone instead of touch the screen.

Funny Alphabet - interactive ABC game ($1.99) This funny interactive learning game features original phonetics, animation, and pictures that come to life. This game will keep your child learning and occupied because that is how much fun it is! Features: Designed from the ground up for the iPad’s large screen. Original voices, animations, and sound effects are designed to be engaging and to stimulate learning. Several pictures per letter.

Baby Rattle Toy ($1.99) Baby Rattle Toy is an interactive app that supports your baby’s development through touch, sound and sight - making it ideal for children from 0 to 2.5 years of age. A purring cat, charming fox and bouncing sun are ready to become true friends of your child. No need for a menu or start button. As soon as Baby Rattle Toy is launched, your child can start playing right away. The app’s music and sound effects can easily be controlled through your device volume.

I love you Todd Parr!

I love you Todd Parr!

I love you Todd Parr!

Things That Go Together ($0.99) created using 200+ gorgeous pictures that are sure to keep kids interested and engaged. In this application, children will be presented with one or eight pairs of items and they have to figure out which items go together. The best way to play this game with a child is to sit down with them and have them explain to you the reason / thinking of why two items should go together.

No More Meltdowns ($10.99) Dr. Baker has teamed with SymTrend, a popular source for electronic diaries, to create an app and a website for you to follow his four-step model: - Manage your own feelings so you can calmly help your child. - Learn strategies to deescalate and soothe your child in the moment. - Understand common triggers to challenging behaviors. - Create plans to anticipate these triggers and prevent future problem behaviors.

ABA Receptive Identification - By Class ($1.99) Many children with emerging language skills do not think of things as having parts, attributes or fitting into categories however, it is necessary for developing appropriate, functional conversation skills. Once a child can ask for, label and receptively identify a number of items, it’s a great time to start teaching features, functions and class (or FFC’s) of items, peoples and places.