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"Pollinating flowers, my future migration to Mexico, and not getting squashed in a grill of a semi-truck. You?" (via mimzen)

yoga yoga yoga- It's a Scottish Fold doing a yoga move?! Love it! He looks so much like my little boy kitty!

Kitty: Would you like to play a game? Me: Sure what is it called? Kitty: It's called I'm cute scratch my belly.

・・・・・。 by #Edrac by #Carde with love to #cats!

Idk why this is under funny pictures. This is adorable and sweet and compleatly reasonable.

oh, you cute little pandas!

I not choking you, I be loving you!!

Wait for me! You forgot your kisses!

"When she rolls over on her back...a little wave peaking and curling over itself, she is the most joyful thing alive." --Rosellen Brown

Puppy Crush - My kids are dying for a new puppy. I keep telling them we need to potty train the 2 year old first!