• Deborah Lister

    Beautiful Crystals and Gems | Beautiful Malachite Stone

  • Natalija Counet

    Malachite Stone Malachite is a copper carbonate hydroxide mineral, with the formula Cu2CO3(OH)2. This green-colored mineral crystallizes in the monoclinic crystal system, and most often forms botryoidal, fibrous, or stalagmitic masses, in fractures and spaces, deep underground, where the water table and hydrothermal fluids provide the means for chemical precipitation. Individual crystals are rare but do occur as slender to acicular prisms.

  • ༺♥༻ Maggie B ༺♥༻

    gems & jewels & rocks & minerals - WoW factor - Malachite Stone via Interesting & Creative Designs

  • Chris McGinn

    Here is a collection of beautiful rare metals - Imgur

  • BE Montgomery

    I am going to make jewelry out of this Malchite type of gem stone. https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=542342829176018&set=a.396900730386896.93578.394085014001801&type=1&theater

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