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  • Tracy Krutsick

    For our last science experiment we took a clear plastic cup and added plain water. We put a small amount of shaving creme on top. Then came the fun - a few drops of red and yellow food coloring. The food coloring slowly found it's way down into the water to make ORANGE rain! What fun!

  • Susan Monday Davis

    weather activities

  • Sherrie Cook

    This worked well for my Pre-K and lower elementary. Upper elementary wasn't as impressed. Squirt shaving foam on top of water and add drops of color to make lesson- other cute ideas for weather lesson.

  • Virginia Wysong

    Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: Weather Week Shaving cream like clouds on water, food coloring on clouds seeps through making streams of rain in water.

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Cup of water with shaving foam on top to represent a cloud colouring dropped into the cloud to reproduce rain ..... I soooo need to get some shaving foam :D