Stop the clock under each child's picture at the time they were born. Love this!!!

The Moment You Were Born Frame

Family handprint, so sweet- part of memory box-child life

'In these moments, time stood still' Personalised Childrens Photo Wall Sticker

I love this

such a great idea: clocks with the time of each child's birth, captioned with their name.

DIY Family picture clock. I'd love to do this and change out the pictures for the holidays or seasons.

How cute is this family tree :0)

An accent wall featuring an array of photographs can be art all on it's own.

Cute idea for entry storage.

Old Vintage Window including your Photo, Distressed Chalk Paint Finish, Grey. Cool for our bedroom

What a fun idea! I like this a lot.

Show the meaning of your kids' names

what an adorable way to address whcih door is the guest bathroom! I have 3 doors all by each other and putting the bathroom sign up would help our company pick the right door the 1st time around!

Love this!

"time spent with family is worth every second"

Baby shadow box a clock with the time they were born :]


family time photo frame clock

Love this- what a wonderful way to make art a little more "important" than sticking it on the fridge :)

Love this basement bedroom, perfect for kids sleepovers. - this would be great for someone with lots of kids! :)