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    Sleeping in Pink Sponge Rollers

    Anyone who was BORN in the 50's, 60's, 70's


    Johnson's Baby Oil for tanning

    Metal playground equipment - 160° in the summer!

    1950s paper dolls-cute clothes...

    Lightening bug jar with breathing holes

    roller skate keys

    Training to be a lady

    Campbell's Green Pea.. Tomato Soup..Chicken Noodle..we ate them every week!

    Mr. gets you so clean, your mother won't know you.

    One of my all time favorites!

    candy dots on paper

    This was where we did our research! Encyclopedias, not the internet!

    That glue with the rubber tip

    Chiclets - with the see through window


    my family had one like this for a long time...

    That lifesavers book in your stocking on Christmas morning.

    8 track tapes

    Sunday Comics

    pocket adder...who needs a calculator when you have this?

    cardboard kaleidoscope


    vintage tv dinner