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    You have the power to reset the clock and restart your body from the inside out. Focusing on four major organs – the thyroid, liver, heart and intestines – this restart will detox your body to leave you feeling strong and energized.

    Everyone that has this...are different in symptoms. It is the silent scream of our lives.

    Fibro - you don't get it until you've got it!

    WARNING.. I suffer from FIBROMYALGIA by CinderellysPrintShop. Fortunately I am surrounded by some of the most supportive, loving, wonderful human beings to ever walk the Earth.

    Spoon Theory Bracelet | Fibromyalgia Awareness Charm Bracelet Hope Charms Spoon Charms 00488

    My days...although I am tired I don't feel 'lazy' I still take care of my family, my chores, myself. I just have to hide and cry of pain afterwards.

    The worst thing you can do to a person with an invisible illness ...

    Fibromyalgia and all of its closest friends. I have already met some of them. Fibro and all its nasty friends can go .... themselves!!! : (

    I feel like I've had this for 15 yrs and just got diagnosed last summer. I'm glad I have a name because I truly felt like I was crazy.

    Pass me the Tylenol and give me the cool side of the pillow. I hate being sick!

    Fibromyalgia - Be aware! The silent disease. Don't judge what you can't see! Lauren Urick Hibbard