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.41 Caliber Lever Action Navy Pistol manufactured by the Volcanic Repeating Arms Co., in 1856-1857. The Volcanic Repeating Arms Co., made an estimated 1500 Navy pistols with 8-inch barrels between 1855 and 1857

LeMat Pinfire Revolver One of the favorite pistols of the American Civil War, at least for certain officers like General J.E.B Stuart on the Confederate side, was the LeMat revolver. Capable of firing regular conical or round bullets from nine cylinder chambers, the LeMat also could discharge a load of buckshot from a lower barrel.

AMERICAN KETLAND FLINTLOCK PISTOL CA.1790 Marked Ketland on left side of breech, London on the right, this turn-off pocket pistol is chambered in .44" caliber. Cannon-shaped stepped barrel is 4" long, pistol is 9.5" long overall. Breech is Proved and Viewed, breech and barrel are numbered 1.

European Ten Shot Harmonica Pistol- In Europe, the popularity of the pinfire cartridge, combined with the harmonica concept, resulted in this ten-shot repeater. The rectangular magazine had to be shifted by hand for each shot, but the detachable magazine assembly could be quickly unhinged to clear spent cases & then reloaded with new cartridges. While the maker is unknown, the caliber on this rare item is 9mm. This unusual pistol is on display at the NRA National Firearms Museum in Fairfax…

Colt 1851 Navy s/n 10483 - Second Generation, "C" Series, (Completed in November, 2010) Featuring: Elephant ivory grips by Jim Alaimo of Nutmeg Sports, Case color by Turnbull Mfg., Gold plating by Reliable Plating and bluing by Steven Cale of Scott Depot, West Virginia. Engraving: 24k fine line, flush inlay fourishes, borders, barrel address and serial numbers. Traditional scroll with mild relief background and super fine bead punched background. Engraved by Chris Malaouf

Rare Factory Engraved Volcanic Lever Action No.1 Pocket Pistol. Lever action Navy pistols with an eight inch barrel manufactured by the Volcanic Repeating Arms Co., circa 1856. This pistol was manufactured before Oliver Winchester acquired the majority of the Volcanic Repeating Arms Co. stock and reorganized it as the New Haven Arms Co., in 1857. - Beretta 1935 Wood Grips

Springfield Armory M1A SOCOM 16 - 7.62x51mm NATO - CZ 85B Custom wood Grips

Enhanced M4A1/ MK12 hybrid by Stickman. Centurion barrel, Daniel Defense RIS II, Trijicon TARS, AAC suppressor, Smith Enterprise bipod, Battleline Industries stock adapter, SureFire Scout with Gear Sector mount.

Sawed Off shotguns are cool, even though they are illegal. Been seeing some short barrel tactical shotguns recently.