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    .41 Caliber Lever Action Navy Pistol manufactured by the Volcanic Repeating Arms Co., in 1856-1857. The Volcanic Repeating Arms Co., made an estimated 1500 Navy pistols with 8-inch barrels between 1855 and 1857

    Magnificent 18th century German double barrel flintlock rifle with carved stock and gold inlaid barrels. Marked “Gottfr Kreisler and Weigandt in Leipzig".

    4-Shot Matchlock Revolving Musket

    Turnbull Manufacturing to Produce Limited Run of Colt Buntline Revolvers : Turnbull Manufacturing, renown maker of simple, rugged and gorgeous antique-style firearms, is bringing back the Colt Buntline, complete with their unmatched panache and style. They will only make limited production run of ten guns. The Turnbull Buntline can be chambered in your choice of .45 Long Colt or .44 Magnum. Buntlines are made to order with barrel lengths up to 16 inches long.

    These magnificent pistols were made prior to 1804, the date when Boutet's son, Pierre-Nicholas, joined his father at the Versailles Manufactory. Though of traditional box lock, turn off barrel, folding trigger pocket pistol design, they transcend all other similar pistols in their execution and consummate mastery of wood carving, inlay, engraving, polish, artistry and use of mythological symbols. General Napoleon Bonaparte's conquest of Egypt in 1798. Photo courtesy of Rock Island Auction

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    Customized North American Arms .22 Magnum Mini-Revolver with ported barrel.

    Rare and unusual German four shot reform bar pistol. A double action pistol, pulling the trigger fired the gun but also moved the barrels upward, centering a loaded chamber in front of the hammer. Made between 1906 and 1913.

    A Presentation Model 1862 Police and Pocket Navy Conversion Revolver . Circa 1873-1880; serial number 23773E Owner: scout Captain Cyrus McNeeley Scott Inscribed: C.M. Scott Manufacturer: Colt's Patent Fire Arms Manufacturing Company Engraver: Louis D. Nimschke, "THIS GUN HAS A TIFFANY & COMPANY GRIP" .

    Hunting knife combined with wheellock pistol Ambrosius Gemlich  (German, Munich and Landshut, active ca. 1520–50)

    Ornate silver mounted wheel-lock pistol crafted by Giovanni Antonio Gavacciolo, barrel made by Lazarino Cominazzo, mid 17th century. | Currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

    Pair of French double barrel percussion pistols with gold inlaid Damascened barrels. Crafted by Lepage-Moutier, Arquebusier du roi, dated 1847.

    Rare Japanese three barreled percussion pistol, late Edo period to early Meiji period, barrel length: 18.5cm, total length: 31.5cm, barrel diameter: 1.2 cm.

    OTTOMAN SILVER-MOUNTED FLINTLOCK RIFLE, TURKEY, DATED A.H. 1212/ A.D. 1797-8 The slender barrel of cast steel with gold gilt palmettes at each end of the barrel, silver engravings comprising floral motifs secured to the whole of the rifle, predominantly at the stock and butt, with a engraved silver sighting plate, gold overlay and coral at the trigger.

    A SW New Model No. 3 Single Action Revolver: Round, rifled, swiveling, 38 cal. barrel, with tall rib marked with Smith Wesson, U.S.A, ca last quarter of the 19th century.

    An outstanding, Gustave Young Master Engraved, gold and nickel-plated Colt Model 1877 Sheriff's Model 1877 Lightning double action ejector less revolver.

    Remington model 1890, single action revolver, .44-40 caliber, 7-1/2” barrel, nickel finish, hard rubber grips both show a small repair on the heal., serial number “934”. With only 2,020 of these revolvers produced by Remington between 1891 and 1896

    Proper Firearms Terminology for Beginners

    Rare Japanese matchlock carbine with short barrel and short stock, signed “ Kishu ju Shibatsuji Riemon”. Edo period.

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