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  • KC82

    Volcanic lever action pistol. The powder charge was in the projectile and fired by striking a primer. There were no "cases". .41 caliber

  • Larry Orr

    .41 Caliber Lever Action Navy Pistol manufactured by the Volcanic Repeating Arms Co., in 1856-1857. The Volcanic Repeating Arms Co., made an estimated 1500 Navy pistols with 8-inch barrels between 1855 and 1857

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Rare Factory Engraved Volcanic Lever Action No.1 Pocket Pistol. Lever action Navy pistols with an eight inch barrel manufactured by the Volcanic Repeating Arms Co., circa 1856. This pistol was manufactured before Oliver Winchester acquired the majority of the Volcanic Repeating Arms Co. stock and reorganized it as the New Haven Arms Co., in 1857. - Beretta 1935 Wood Grips

woodgraingentleman: Beretta 93r. Anyone have about $70,000...

A rare U.S. Navy Elgin cutlass pistol by C.B. Allen

STAR Megastar 10mm pistol (Spain)

the perfect gift for the lady in my life...44 caliber double barrel derringer...

Engraved All Metal Segallas London Swivel Quad Barrel Flintlock Pistol, 1760's-1780's .

Spanish Double Barrel Pistol, c. 1878, dark stained walnut grips with engraved frame and barrels, marked on top of the barrel JOSIE GARCIA ARMERO DE LA REAL CASA. GRANADA ANO 1878, barrel lg. 5 1/2, overall lg. 11 in. Estimate $900-1,100

Rare Japanese revolving three barreled matchlock pistol. Barrels are silver inlaid with the Shimazu family crest.

Ornate silver mounted wheel-lock pistol crafted by Giovanni Antonio Gavacciolo, barrel made by Lazarino Cominazzo, mid 17th century. | Currently on display at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Pair of French double barrel percussion pistols with gold inlaid Damascened barrels. Crafted by Lepage-Moutier, Arquebusier du roi, dated 1847.

Sweet Creek Rig This distinctive rig is fully lined and can be made for most pistols. Please note your pistol type and barrel length when ordering. $310

Factory engraved Osgood Gun Works Duplex revolver. Features a .22 caliber, eight shot cylinder and a .32 caliber rimfire single shot center barrel which also acts as the cylinder pin. ~1880