Easy way to eat healthier for you and your family.

#MyPlate teaches the 5 food groups: #fruits, #vegetables, #grains, #protein, and #dairy.


Clean Eating

Very helpful!!

fruit #nutrition chart- my favorite fruit chart thus far. This has a lot of info for different #fruits to eat along with the nutritional value and what they are good for. An easy chart to read to help you start getting #healthy and #loseweight.


Infographic: Essential Vitamins | KIDS DISCOVER

Aerobic Exercise for Weight Loss Can Be Fun

My Plate Chart

25 tips for making healthy eating affordable. Learn how I got twenty pounds of tomatoes for $20, plus how to save on meat, healthy fats, and more.

Healthy Healthy Healthy

Portion control...

Top 10 belly fat burning foods it-s-time-to-get-fit-and-healthy

Healthy Foods

I love info graphics! This one is awesome about food portion sizes… a MUST SEE! #foodmatters #food #portionsizes

eating healthy can be cheap if you do it right

this is how your plate should look like

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