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    Enterprise G. She's a big mother. Trekkies around the world want to see another new Star Trek series probably based on the adventures of the crew of Enterprise F set in the 25th century.

    It's not that Star Trek is predicting the future. It's that everyone who made those devices were geeks who grew up on the show and based their designs on it. "Star Trek says it's possible? LET'S MAKE IT POSSIBLE! FOR SCIENCE!"

    Wesley Crusher Star Trek TNG...thought she was a local lead trekker but she's an agent of the death many here, it's surprising how many inroads they made. Sorry don't know my trekking facts.

    "I will always be puzzled by the human predilection for piloting vehicles at unsafe velocities."


    1967 ... Enterprise shindig! You gotta love that color palette.

    An interesting comparison..but I would have also included the jupiter 2 and the original BSG just fro grins and giggles. ;-)

    Cute but inaccurate. Tasha died before this uniform was used.

    Star Trek TNG One of my Favorite Shows.