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  • Ashley Smith

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  • Carolyn Peters

    True Story. I remeber a little black cat, behind the soda machine, scared and alone. I went back into the store and purchaced some cat food. She was intrigued and hungry, that was the day she was tucked into my coat to take my young sons to a football game. We named her "spooked" because she was was dark as night. She was a very special part of our family.

  • Tim Traxler

    I know I have pinned this a few times it just last year when I was getting ready to leave for our of town. My roommate mentioned that she heard a kitten. I went outside and found the most adorable tiniest kitten I pick him up took one look at Debby and I knew we had another child!! Max has been a blessing and a god send. Still the sweetest cutest kitten ever. That why I love this photo. Nothing better than kitty power of love!! So me have Millie - 3 and Max -almost 1.

  • Jana

    Tell me my favorite bedtime story....;)

  • Charlee Richards

    funny animals with captions photo: funny-pictures-cat-is-der-a-pwayce.jpg

  • Jen Dilsaver

    My wittle Baby Cat

  • Becky McGee

    Pet Adoption and Forever Homes #LiveConsciously

  • Judy Kihara-Morimoto

    From the Animal Rescue Site

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this was me every time one of the farm cats would come up to our house when I was young. Who am I kidding!,,, Id still do this!

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This is kind of my kitty. incidentally, while my cats are vicious mousers... they adopted a pet rat as one of their own. go figure

Should this cat buy these sunglasses?

Inshallah. One day. I will walk, with pride, with my feline friend in my sweatshirt pocket. One day...

."When I grow up I mean to be a lion large and fierce to see. I'll mew so loud that Cook in fright will give me all the cream in sight." --Oliver Herford