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List of Foods That Sugar Gliders Can Eat

by Jenny Green
Sugar gliders (*Petaurus breviceps*) are insectivores and omnivores -- they eat insects, meat and vegetation, but not all foods are suitable for sugar gliders. Named for their preference for sweet foods, sugar gliders enjoy drinking nectar and tree sap the wild. They also enjoy fatty foods, such as ...

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sugar glider. I want a couple. A friend of mine's son has two of them and they are just adorable! But they are expensive to buy and of course they need quite the home as well!!

The cutest, sweetest, smartest little marsupial you will ever see. I want at least 2.

Love Sugar Gliders! Make them a crocheted nest.They love to snuggle. They need affection :) so cute

Making your own nectar for sugar gliders is one way to ensure they receive proper nutrition and a variety of foods. In the wild, sugar gliders eat many different foods including eucalyptus, nectar, insects, tree sap and fruit. Using this method to make nectar for sugar gliders, you can replicate their natural diet using honey, boiled eggs, fruit...

Sugar Glider. my uncle used to have these and they are as soft and cute as they look! love them!!

Grazing horse with a mouthful of grass. Summertime!