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Universal Carriers of 49th (West Riding) Division's Reconnaissance Regiment are welcomed by Dutch civilians on the outskirts of Kampen, 19 April 1945.

Infantry of the 11th Royal Scots Fusiliers, 49th (West Riding) Division, searching houses in Ede in The Netherlands, 17 April 1945.

Infantrymen of The West Nova Scotia Regiment in a Universal Carrier en route to Rotterdam are surrounded by Dutch civilians celebrating the liberation of the Netherlands ~

BRITISH ARMY NORMANDY 1944 (B 6045) A Loyd carrier and 6-pdr anti-tank gun of the Durham Light Infantry, 49th (West Riding) Division parked alongside a knocked-out German Panther tank during Operation 'Epsom', 27 June 1944.

A carrier crew of 8th Rifle Brigade hands out chocolate to Dutch civilians during the advance of 11th Armoured Division in The Netherlands, 22 September 1944.

Infantry of 53rd (Welsh) Division in a Kangaroo personnel carrier on the outskirts of Ochtrup, 3 April 1945.

Cheering Dutch civilians swarm onto a universal carrier and trailer as Eindhoven is liberated, 19 September 1944.

Liberation of Holland. A Jeep loaded with celebrating people holding a Dutch flag riding alongside the 'Nieuwe Kerk'-church to Dam square, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. May 8, 1945.

Dutch resistance fighters round up Nazi collaborators, April 19, 1945.

Cheering Dutch civilians gather around a Sherman OP tank of 'C' Troop, 55th Field Regiment RA, Guards Armoured Division, as Eindhoven is liberated, 19 September 1944. Sitting on the front of the tank is Sgt Herbert Frederick Jones.

Dutch civilians offer drinks to the crew of a Cromwell tank of 2nd Welsh Guards during the liberation of Eindhoven, 19 September 1944.

The hunt for nazi's! Police officers arrest Dutch collaborators at Buitenhof 19 in the Hague, The Netherlands (mei 1945).

Troops from 3rd Battalion, Reconnaissance Corps, 3rd Infantry Division, 'de-bus' from their Universal carriers at Sturminster Newton in Dorset, 28 August 1941.

British troops signing autographs for Dutch girls during the liberation of Eindhoven, 19 September 1944.

Universal carriers of the 4th King's Shropshire Light Infantry, 11th Armoured Division, pass through the burning village of Levern, 4 April 1945.

Dutch nurses wave at passing British vehicles during the liberation of Eindhoven, 19 September 1944.

A Universal carrier and a Churchill tank of 51st Royal Tank Regiment during 6th Armoured Division’s attack on the town of Pichon, 8 April 1943. #worldwar2 #tanks

LSSAdolf Hitler On the move through Bulgaria to the Yugoslav border at Klistendil on April 7, 1941.

A sniper from "C" Company, 5th Battalion, The Black Watch, 51st (Highland) Division, in position in the loft space of a ruined building in Gennep, The Netherlands, 14 February 1945.

"The Dutch children soon make friends with their Polish liberators" (1945)

May 1945, Netherlands Liberation - a Canadian soldier shares his food with two Dutch children.