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    • Vanessa Putters

      Showerhead Cleaner -1:-) /3 cup baking soda -1 cup white vinegar -1 plastic bag -1 large bag twisty tie Let sit several hours or overnight. -- Need to remember this!

    • Wendy Musquiz

      Showerhead Cleaner -1/3 cup baking soda -1 cup white vinegar -1 plastic bag -1 large bag twisty tie Let sit several hours or overnight. Need to do this to shower head by pool

    • Jackie Dunckley

      Cheap way to clean shower heads. I need to do this to all of ours!!!-1/3 cup baking soda -1 cup white vinegar -1 plastic bag -1 large bag twisty tie Leave overnight

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    Homemade dishwasher detergent, without the Borax. Cheap and easy to make. Never bathe your dishes in chemicals again!

    Homemade Lemishine. Used this in my dishwasher load last night--holy sparkling spotless! I'm pretty terrible about rinsing or pre-washing too. Love this!

    My Merry Messy Life: Non-Toxic Toilet Bowl Cleaner Recipe - Ingredients

    Cleaning a toilet can be a hard job. Let these DIY Toilet Cleaning Fizzies do all the hard work!!!!!

    DIY Honey cuticle Cream. -1.5 ounces beeswax -3 ounces apricot kernel oil -1 tablespoon honey. Melt the wax and oil in the microwave, stir in the honey, and pour into tins or other containers.

    Homemade Peppermint Lip Balm EOS Refill: 2TBS beeswax 4 TBS coconut oil, 1/2 tsp Vit E & peppermint essential oil

    Smell Hacks! Got a stinky room in your house? Try one of these genius DIY ideas to banish those gross smells.

    Susan Branch

    Homemade Pickles, Susan Branch for Country Living Magazine

    Magic Window Cleaner: No towel drying, no streaks, no spots! Fill an empty spray bottle with: 1 tablespoon liquid "Jet Dry" 3 tablespoons blue Dawn dish soap Fill to the top with water, shake. Spray your wet windows with the solution, scrub all over with a sponge, immediately wash off, that's it!

    Useful Tips - The Meta Picture

    DIY cleaning tricks: How to make your own homemade dish soap

    All purpose cleaner for kitchens, bathrooms, windows, etc. Your windows will sparkle! I even use it on my laminate flooring.

    FINALLY...HERE IT IS! How to clean your cookie sheets--Kitchen "Miracle" Cleaner! You put about 1/4 cup of baking soda in a small glass bowl and squirt in hydrogen peroxide until it makes a nice paste. Then you rub it on the offending dirt/stain/grease...whatever! You can usually just use your fingers...but you can also use a small sponge as well.

    Ant killer - this actually worked! I have a whole box of Borax soap if anyone in SL needs some to get rid of their ants

    Natural Ant Killer

    Clean a Bathtub with baking soda & vinegar. Wet tub, sprikle with baking soda, scrub with green scrub pad, then add vinegar to remove the rest. Rinse.

    Mary Kay Satin Hands Copy Cat Recipe, Dawn Oil of Olay Sugar 2Tb melted & cooled Coconut Oil

    Homemade Goo Gone 1 part vegetable oil 2 parts baking soda

    Homemade Shower Cleaner Step #1: Pour any amount of white vinegar into a plastic spray bottle {I started with about 6 oz.} Step #2: Heat it up in the microwave until very warm. {you do NOT need to reheat it every time you want to clean your showers} Step #3: Pour the same amount of Dawn dish soap into the spray bottle. Step #4: Put the top of the spray bottle on and gently shake until they are combined.

    Deoderant Stick 1/2 cup coconut oil 1 1/2 Tablespoons beeswax pellets 1/2 cup baking soda 1/2 cup cornstarch

    THe BEST Laundry Whitener HOT HOT HOT water 1 cup of laundry detergent 1 cup powdered dish washer detergent 1 cup bleach 1/2 cup borax After filling the washing machine with HOT water….I also dumped in a large-sized pot of water I had brought to a boil on the stove. I was looking for HOT HOT HOT water, just like Katie said.