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My HP role models

What Harry Potter teaches girls vs. what Twilight teaches girls.

Harry Potter // The Hunger Games

Ah yes the feels have brutally stabbed my heart and soul again lol what can you do


young girls are told that they have to be the delicate princess. hermione taught them. that they can be the warrior- Emma Watson

Harry Potter fun facts - www.viralpx.com

Harry Potter fun facts

I disagree with the last one. Hermione's patronus does not HAPPEN to be an otter, it was fate.


(Skating by julvett on deviantART - James, Lily & Sirius - Harry Potter - The Marauders) Full credit for this piece goes to the person mentioned above! I DID NOT DRAW THIS! I love the creativeness of this, and the artwork is beautiful!

notre  arbre genealogique

YAY This took me a while. Not to make the actual people, but to connect them with the lines >< This is basically the general family-tree informati. Another Weasley Family Tree

Evolution of Harry's hair. His hair in POA is my fave.

I love whoever made this. o-o And it's true, the movie hair was the best. movie hair was James Potter hair!

Just one word

Funny pictures about A better love story. Oh, and cool pics about A better love story. Also, A better love story photos.


gosh, you defeat one dark wizard and everybody thinks ur some kinda hero. U get to decide the rules of ice cream xD