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"And anyway, even if she likes bunnies, it doesn't mean she owns bunnies.  I like unicorns.  I don't have any unicorns."

Season 9 Behind The Scenes

"She is a little out there, and she was so talented at her hacking that the FBI accepted her as she is," "Criminal Minds" costume designer BJ Rogers says of Penelope Garcia. "She is the happy spot, the bright character no matter what is going on. I do the show in a dark palette and she is always cheery."

'Criminal Minds': Penelope Garcia's one-of-a-kind sweaters and giving a nod to fans

Criminal Minds: Kirsten Vangsness as Penelope Garcia. I want to be reincarnated as Garcia!

Garcia on Criminal Minds- Brains and beauty

Criminal Minds Garcia: She's quirky, funny, and lovable. She has the best hair colors most of the time and I just love her. Her one liners are great!