Baby Zucchini and Shrimp Salad with Citrus Aioli recipe from Chef Wanabe's blog. #zucchini #salad

This is zucchini at its best - raw, maintaining all the nutrients and vitamins. No abusive and unnecessary deep-frying, not even sautéing. Just fresh, crunchy, zesty salad that is so good for you! Simply marinate the strips for half an hour, sprinkle some parmesan shavings and you have yourself a healthy light lunch or a side dish.

Baked Potato Salad | "This is an unusual recipe for potato salad. It is a switch from your everyday mayonnaise-based salad. It's like a baked potato in a bowl!"

BBQ + Cauliflower... who would have thought? Try this delicious BBQ and Cauliflower Salad!

I did not have anything to eat today in my house, expect for some whole grain crackers and some almonds. Since it has been raining all day today I did not

This Buffalo Ranch Crockpot Chicken and Rice might be your new favorite slow cooker dinner recipe!

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