FAKE ROCKs out of boxes covered with garbage bags, then covered the boxes with chicken wire, then covered "rock" with about 3 inches of pigmented hypertufa (portland cement, sand, peat moss mix).

Fake Boulders- how to make rocks... this guy knows what he is talking about

How to make Artificial Rock over Wire Frames

How to Make Fake Rocks with Concrete: 9 Steps - building an armature and coating it. Cement takes - month to fully cure

fake rock boulders

Fake Boulders- how to make rocks

Make fake rocks with concrete and plastic shopping bags

cement cloth planters | Rock & Cement Ornaments for the Garden

Make Your Own Hypertufa Container Hypertufa looks like stone but weighs less and takes whatever shape you want

All you need are a few - pavers, - landscape-block adhesive, and a little time. Wait 24 hours for everything to cure and you're ready to move your new planters into place and fill them with dirt and greenery.

How to Make Fake Rocks with Concrete~ get the water feature you want without hiring heavy equipment.

Make your own stunning planter using hypertufa stones and cement.

How to Mix Faux Rocks

Make your own garden statues from Hypertufa

Hypertufa Pot: They used styrofoam sheets to make the form, covered in chicken wire, and covered with a mixture of equal parts cement, sand, and peat moss until the mixture takes on a gloppy, doughy consistency. This one has an open bottom to plant a tree in. What a cool idea!

Mossy Mushroom - use chicken wire for the shape line with spagnum moss and cover with chia seeds? Lol these look awesome

a hypertufa recipe that uses shredded paper instead of vermiculite and peat moss

Rapid Set Cement garbage bag, interior pot, hole in center, medallians added later?

A small pond with a stream. A pump recirculates the water from the end of the stream back to the waterfall. It's a great place to relax and enjoy birds, which are drawn to the water. Moving water helps keep mosquitoes from laying eggs in the water feature. A few small fish also help keep mosquitoes from being a problem.

Hypertufa "rocks", place hypertufa mix in a plastic bag, twist shut, leave for two days, unmold.

How to make mushrooms from cement or hypertufa