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Would love to have this Double tub!

My dream house would have a billion fabulous bathrooms. And closets. My favorite rooms!

Really?? I want this tub!

God wants me to have this bathtub and also a big heavy lock on my bathroom door and also soundproof so that I don't have to hear my name until I'm ready to come out again lol :D

Probably a little fancier than what we'll wind up with, but still pretty awesome.

jacuzzi tubs are necessary! and i absolutely love the modern style of this.

Awesome tub!!

This week, we're moving to the master bathroom to select bathtubs. We want beautiful, interesting bathtubs that would go into our gorgeous Pinhome. Please try to focus on the bathtub itself, not the bathroom as a whole. And as difficult as it may be, PLEASE try to watch for duplicates, as they will have to be removed. Let Calgon take you away to look for bathtubs....have fun! <3<3<3 ᘡղbᘠ

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Sunken shower!!! Coolest thing ever!! I love this idea!!!

Tub front & surround. Ignore colors and such. Idea for one guest bedroom that is tub/shower combo.

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shoe storage idea-um wow?!?!! probably put it in my closet...need to start stocking up on some shoes

great idea


Love the tub inside the shower ..again!

For the master bathroom

pantry / fridge all next to each other..genius!

Absolutely loving these colors and all of this gorgeous texture!

This bathroom has perfect lighting to put makeup on. And it's beautiful! :)