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harry potter jokes!!!! haaaaaaha

Lord of the Rings Valentine. as soon as i saw this i got the evil look on my face!!! because this is going on cards which i will use!!!

Amanda Wilson & Lindsey Howard lets do this to every bathroom we visit

The best punishment for fighting… my mother used to do this to me and my brother's lol worked every time.

Walking to Mordor - this actually works on Google! (Lord of the Rings, LOL)

LotR Stained Glass. Reminds me of the stained glass illustrations at the beginning of Beauty and the Beast.

Thanks God The Community Is Protected

Engagement photos: "Our future kids will love this!" comic book engagement photos, i am batman

Words cannot describe the sheer awesomeness of this woman.

A bunch of stuff you probably didn't know about Frozen (oceanskysforever)