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  • Caitlyn Kendrix-Freedman

    #pumpkin #pie #hotchocolate #candycorn #sweaters #jeans #scarves #boots #coldair #brightleaves #latenights

  • Sheri Porter

    I cant wait for pumpkin pie and hot chocolate and candy corn and sweaters and jeans and boots and cold air and bright leaves and late nights.

  • jennyfer campos

    Maybe not the Candy corn and sweaters but I look forward to the local coffee shop having their Fall time pumpkin spiced chai tea.

  • HappyPinner_092

    My favorite time of the year...minus the candy corn and late nights (school nights)

  • Amanda Barron-Mckenna

    It is my FAVORITE season! Hands down. <--Agreed!! Minus the pumpkin pie, hot chocolate and candy corn. Haha!

Cant Wait, Favorite Time, Late Night, Candy Corn, Fall Time, Favorite Seasons, Candycorn, Hot Chocolates, Pumpkin Pies

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yes you are. your pins delight me so much. but don't get yourself fired!