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  • Jenna@Delighting in Today

    Why You've Got to Have Guests When Your House isn't Perfect {excellent post!!} || Nesting Place

  • Christy Bain Macy

    Home sweet home

  • Edith Weldon

    Hospitality filled Holiday has no perfect homes, The Nester Quote

  • Jennifer Unsell

    Love this quote from this great blog post on hospitality. "Hospitality isn’t about impressing your friends. Who wants to go to that house? Hospitality isn’t about me. It’s about listening and connecting and encouraging. It’s about rest and peace and fun. If I wait until my house is acceptable before I invite people in we are both losing."

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Friends will also have to overlook the rusty gate, the weeds and leaking pipe - but what a beautiful garden I am!

Friendship is a million little things. the little friends I do have are my sisters not by blood but by our hearts loyalty and never to far to be there when u need them. i have the best friends!

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