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magnets + tin cans + cookie sheet

"Soup can, cookie sheet, magents & hot glue gun" Great idea for the kids' room so they can find their art supplies better and easier. Could have this in the kids' room or in a central location in the house.

Snippets Inc Craft Boutique: Sharing My New Craft Storage I like this idea wonder if I could use it in the kitchen

crystal Light containers + patterned paper cover + magnets + sheet metal mounted to wall = cute DIY pen/pencil/marker storage

Where we found it: A Pretty Cool Life Why we love it: This DIY organization project couldn't be simpler—all you need are some magnets, glue, and a few old spice tins.

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DIY - Refrigerator tin storage from old spice containers. Use magnets - stick to kitchen wall?

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Great idea for organizing kid's school or art supplies! Aluminum cans with magnets on the back to organize art supplies.

Since it’s metal, you can attach those magnetic storage tins to keep track of all those bits and bobs. | This Kitchen Cart Is The Only IKEA Item You Really Need

Since it's metal, you can attach those magnetic storage tins to keep track of all those bits and bobs.

Tin cans are pretty. Especially when they're grouped together, as evidenced in the picture above. The maker saved a bunch of them up, peeled off their labels, arranged them into...

Turn Tin Cans into Wall Art/Organizer

Clean, spray paint, organize, and glue together old cans into interesting shapes for art + organization = cool shoe rack! I can do that with all the formula cans I have

Made from an Altoid tin!

Great idea, instead of having headphones floating in my purse or gym bag. I am going to use an altoid tin

Tin cans decorated for utensil storage

Hanging Hairbrush Storage ~ Tin Cans, Scrapbook paper, Mod Podge and Command Strips to attach them to the inside of the cabinet door.Neat idea-- Could probably be used for other things too, flat iron, curling iron maybe?

Great Idea for getting things off the counter!!

Turn cans into utensil storage. By mounting them to a cutting board and attaching it to the wall, you free up valuable counter space in a small apartment kitchen. Choose cans that match your color scheme.

Spaghetti fits perfectly in a Pringles can

Why didn't I think of this? Use a Pringles can to store unused uncooked spaghetti. Then mod podge it with scrap book paper. I'm making one, Kody loves pringles. and I have mod podge.